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I LOVE IT [18 Sep 2007|09:43pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I almost forgot I got this video at the Army v. URI game! =D

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[22 Feb 2007|12:48am]
[ mood | happy ]

Been keeping very busy :o) That's definitely a good thing. I've been at Brian's since Saturday after the second day of States was finished. Been a good week thus far. All States this weekend. Then New Englands. Then its over. Its been fun, though, most definitely. Didn't miss a single meet! :] Wicked excited about that bit.

Not much else is too new. Well, there is, but thats all I'm choosing to include here, and now. Everybody call me!

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ha ha ha [14 Dec 2006|08:22pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

Apparently when I was 4 1/2 I didn't want to get married, but I wanted 14 children.

ha ha.


So I'm going through all my old stuff from way long ago that I don't remember. Some of it makes me sad, some of it makes me laugh.

But what really gets me is that I'm finding BOXES AND BOXES of stuff that was Alyson's and Andrew's...but so far I've uncovered only one box of Christine stuff! =[ My mom hates me! Not really. I know there is more, I've gone through it before, but I'm sure there isn't nearly as much. The only problem is I'm having trouble finding it, and my mom is no help as she's, like, dead asleep. And everytime I'm like "hey mom - where would stuff be?" she's like "i separated it into boxes by child" and that's it. I searched my small closet space and found 6 boxes of Alyson & Andrew, the hall had 2 boxes of Alyson and 1 of mine, and I searched her room and found nothing. I'm going to go on another search, and hopefully find some of my better, more memorable stuff. Like my horribly violent murder stories I wrote when I was little. Actually, I did find one thing. It's pretty funny. But I don't understand it in the slightest.
It reads (and i type exactly as it reads):
Advertisement! (news paper article)
This 13 year old tricks the jailer into escaping! This 13 year is sent to jail for tricking the jailer/prisoner. The kid goes to jail. This kid goes to court where he is put on trial. He is proud, his parents aren't. We beleive everyone should have the right to life, liberty ,and propert , and Natural rights. The kid is sentenced to 20 years in jail. The kid said he didn't do it,but he did! The policeman who watches the people whom are in cells and said if he did escape he would be sent to the electric chair. Please donate 10 dollars to keep the electric chair. Please donate 20 to get rid of the electric chair. Please donate 5 dollars to get a different idea to kill people who deserve it. We are happy for your support. Thankyou The Jailers/Prisoners

-> The comments from my teacher. "Chrissy, excellent job - but it seems a little violent and gruesome."

Apparently I thought we should come up with a better way to kill people (after all, it was only a 5 dollar donation to do that) and I really wanted to keep the electric chair. It was a whole 10 dollars more to get rid of it. That is what I gather. Not my best violence piece, but funny. I don't remember this one as well as I remember the others. I was 9 when I wrote that one.

Anyways...back to searching.

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